“Don’t Tread on Me”, even when we disagree

This article is difficult to write because, quite frankly, I know it is going to anger a lot of people who I care about, but I feel the need to jump into the fray to express an opinion about TRUE freedom.  This “stand4life” and “fight for life” movement is going too far.

Thomas Jefferson Quote Tea Party Poster

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The life of a child is not a choice…it is a blessing.  Children are precious and helpless and need love and nurturing.  With that being said, I CANNOT advocate the state legislating away the privacy of the individual under the guise of protecting the unborn.  I am proud of my state and I love that i am from the Lone Star State.  One of the proud legacies of this state is that individuals are able to have more freedom than other states.  We build great businesses and we thrive when other states are struggling in bankruptcy and being forced to buy sodas less than 24oz.  We protect our fellow Texans property rights, their right to own a gun, their right to put a manger in their front yard at Christmas, but now we’re saying that Texas women don’t have the right to make a medical decision without the permission of the state?

Yes, I know, I know what your response may be, something like…”It’s a child, not a medical decision!” or “It’s up to us to protect those who cannot speak for themselves!” or “Every person should have the chance to live, your mother gave you the opportunity!” or some variation of those statements.

In a pregnancy of less than 20 weeks, regardless of how conception occurred, the child’s life is not viable outside of the mother’s body and therefore attempting to force her to remain pregnant is an absolute violation of her right to privacy as she dictates her own medical care.

I understand that those of you fighting for the bill want to help innocent babies and I want that as well, however I am NOT willing to advocate for stepping on the rights or violating the privacy of the ALREADY BORN women simply to make you feel better.  If we begin to say that the state can regulate what happens between a woman and the physician that she chooses, why can’t the state regulate how many guns we own?  If we violate an adult woman’s right to privacy, why can’t the state tell you what to put in your front lawn on any given holiday?  Consider that your attempts to protect the innocent are doing more to violate what you claim to protect—freedom.

Freedom is not pretty.  Freedom is not easy.  Freedom is choice and means allowing people to make choices that we don’t agree with.

To my fellow Christians, consider this…

God believes in choice and freedom.  God loves us so much that He gives us the freedom to choose Him.  He does not force us into a relationship with Him and He loves ALL without regard for their choices.  Making or supporting the state regulating an individual’s choice is not a holy thing.

Any state that regulates choice of ANY kind, that does not infringe on the rights of another, especially to this degree is no different from the state forcing us all to practice a religion that we did not choose.

Before you begin the argument that abortion infringes on the right to life of another human being, consider that if a mother who is 14 weeks pregnant dies in a car accident, the child dies as well or if she is murdered and the child’s life was not viable outside of the womb, we do not charge the suspect with the murder of that child.  If we begin to give rights to a person who is not yet born, especially one whose life is not viable outside of another’s body, we begin to tread down a slippery slope in a self righteous effort to control the lives and decisions of others.

To my legislators, if you are TRULY interested in helping the unborn rather than creating more laws, consider bolstering reproductive education.  Consider offering counseling, subsidized by the state, to women who are considering or have had abortions.  Consider that investing more time educating women on the effects of abortion, both physical and mental, does more to support your citizens than over regulating them.  Consider that as you create more laws, you are not encouraging life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, you are finding ways to turn citizens into subjects.

Don't tread on me