Skinny People Problems

I will try to avoid doing that girl thing of never being satisfied with my weight, however I will continue to set new goals for myself as I accomplish them because I now see that complacency will make you and keep you fat.  Based on my bathroom scale this morning, I have lost a total of 93lbs since January 2011.  This picture was taken on May 24, 2013 and I was happy that Santa agreed to take a picture with me on his day off. 😉

Two and a half years of changeI will admit that I’m proud of this accomplishment and although it has become cliche, especially for athletes, I absolutely acknowledge that I could not have done this without God.  Specifically, I know that I am not only an emotional eater, for too long I turned to food for comfort.  That resulted in me weighing more than 250 lbs nearly one year after having twins (I weighed less DURING the pregnancy).  I ate, and ate, and ate because I was miserable and food gave me a temporary fix.  I have learned that God is my permanent fix and while I will continue this new, healthy lifestyle, it comes with problems.

I call these problems “Skinny People Problems”

Like any good list, I will number these in order of their problematic nature and of course we will countdown because who doesn’t like a little delayed gratification

My top 10 Skinny People Problems

10. It used to happen that when I went to parties or concerts, I could have conversations with friends or remain somewhat anonymous and enjoy the music.  Now when I go parties or concerts, people who I have never met want to take pictures of you or with you or dance with you and cause others to watch you laugh and have a good time.

9. When I was heavy, electronic sliding doors would open within 10 feet of my approach.  Now that I’m “skinny” I have to wave my arms in order for the motion sensor to detect me with many of those doors…also, doors seem to be harder to open, despite my increased muscle mass.

8. Eating out was always fun for me.  I could order savory meals, and ate every single bite of food that I or my date paid for.  These days, when I go out to eat, I hardly get through half of the meal before I feel full and because I lost by eating clean, I can taste the sugar and grease and it’s unappetizing.

7. If I was coming down an aisle or trying to pass behind someone, they would stand up and move or slide their chair up as far as it could go for me to pass.  Now, they hardly move their legs at all for me to pass and certainly don’t think twice about moving their chair when I need to get behind it.

6. People wouldn’t offer me food unless everyone was eating.  Now, people will offer me food if there is anything edible in the vicinity because they seem to think that I am hungry all the time or maybe I just look hungry.

5. You expect your clothes to get bigger as your body shrinks and it is exciting to buy smaller sizes, but do you expect your shoes to get bigger because your feet shrink too? Some of my favorite shoes are now too big and I have to get special inserts to wear them.

4. When you are a corpulent girl, friends don’t try to pick you up and no one asks you how much you weigh.  These days, guy friends want to pick me up when they hug me or even carry me and I have to remember how much I weigh or I guess I could just learn to lie about it like a normal woman.

3. I used to have a lap that was versatile and useful.  If I wanted to count coins or basically anything smaller than a half dollar, my thighs would keep the objects from the floor.  These days, when I sit with my knees together, my thighs don’t touch.  I can’t use my lap to hold things and I have to cross my legs to achieve the same goal.

2. I’ve always known that I have a tailbone, I’ve actually seen the x-rays.  I can now FEEL my tailbone when I sit down. I still have plenty of “junk in my trunk” and what I thought was enough booty but when I sit, especially on a semi-hard surface, I can feel my own tailbone…crazy.

Before I get to the number one problem that skinny people have that I didn’t expect, here’s another before and after picture.

Transforming 1

1. The number one problem that skinny people have that I didn’t expect is…

Being Cold All The Time!

You can see in the pictures above that I had plenty of layers on my body to keep me warm.  These days, I have to keep at least one sweater, often two with me even in the middle of summer.  People in Houston LOVE their AC and most buildings are no warmer than 75 degrees.  I feel cold at just about any setting under 78.  I now understand why skinny people look forward to summer and spend so much time being active…they need to stay warm.

Obviously, these problems are not actual problems and I’m being cheeky but they are certainly things that have happened that I didn’t expect.  I am grateful to those who have supported me in their various ways and because of them, I pay it forward and support others.  One of my more well known supporters is Michael Berry who has encouraged many of his listeners by imploring them to get off their collective butts and do something about it.  The favorite phrase that he uses that I have adopted is, “if it is to be, it’s up to me.”  And while that statement applies to most everything in your life, I have another that it similar that I now prefer…  MamaInTheMiddle and Michael Berry

“While it’s true that through God all things are possible, if we do not first seek Him and ask for His help, we cannot expect it and if we do not follow tried and true principles like burning more calories than you eat and moving more frequently and regularly, any amount of begging for divine intervention does not work.”

Be blessed 🙂


6 thoughts on “Skinny People Problems

  1. You look amazing and your list is highly amusing. I have a lot of trouble with #2. I am short and skinny and sometimes I have jump up and down ad wave my hands around to get doors to open. I feel silly.

    • Thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed it. I often laugh at myself and these new “problems” but I wouldn’t go back for anything in the world. Besides, I know that if I’m experiencing this, others are too 🙂

  2. Love this and especially your statement about avoiding labels, being “first a child of God, second a mother, and third a Texan.” Those are all choices (you choose to cultivate your faith, you choose to be a mother, and you could live anywhere you dang well pleased). Labels based on things we do not get to choose – our sex or color – are unproductive. Inspirational!

    • Thank you. You understand my line of thinking :). I teach my children that they are first who God says they are and then they can choose how they want to define themselves. I was taught and I firmly believe that neither my sex, nor my skin color can dictate my limitations; only God can. 🙂

  3. Love your two Santa pics because you radiate joy and beauty in both; you just look a lot more healthy in the second. Congratulations on sticking with and obtaining your goal. It’s inspirational.

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