I’m Back!…kinda

I haven’t blogged on this website in nearly one year and while I recognize that allowing that much time to pass between posts creates an irrelevancy that happens after one month on the internet, I was still blogging, in other places and living my life.  I posted a blog more than two years ago at beginning of my weight loss journey.  I added a few more posts along the way, some funny, some sexy or serious, and others enlightened.

Well, my next post is going to be funny, but it is definitely an update to the weight loss mission that I have been on.  I am proud of myself, but I have realized that losing the weight is only the beginning.  I must now continue to live and remember my new script, I must make choices that are healthy for my body and avoid turning to food for comfort.  I am also learning that it is a good idea to share with others because I am not the only one going through something like this and encouraging one another is a great way to support/continue this healthy lifestyle. For all who have finished and met their goals, congratulations; for all who are beginning or somewhere in the middle of their journey, let’s keep moving forward.

Blessings 🙂


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