Oh, my, my, my what a legendary lexicon you have…

Two suits, one navy blue and one grey, with ti...

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Dissonance, paradigm, copious, malfeasance, felicitous…I could go on and on.

I’ve been told that I’m a little on the weird side, and I have said to my husband on more than one occasion that my hot spot happens to sit on top of my neck. I happen to find very few things sexier than intelligence and for that matter, a conversation that will stimulate my big c (cerebral cortex that is) can leave a giant smile on my face much longer than most anything else. While some women get hot for the big name athlete or a list celebrity, you’ll find me grinning at the television while watching a documentary or giggling about the clean cut man in the well fitted navy blue suit whose grasp on the king’s english causes me to access my dictionary app.
Perhaps you can attribute it to me being an avid reader or chalk it up to a psychological phenonmenon starting with my well educated, highly articulate father. Any way you slice it, mid-level manager, librarian, lawyer, repricing coordinator, my idea of S-E-X-Y is a man with a HUGE…vocabulary!


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