You Cannot Ban Idiocy

A sign that states "No Texting While Driv...

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Here in the state of Texas there are quite a few people, even conservatives getting excited about legislation that would ban “texting” while driving. It is being touted as something that will save lives, but we all know that this is just a pipe dream. To say that a ban on texting while driving will save lives is to also say that banning drinking and driving will do the same…tell that to the nearly 11,000 people killed in a DUI related crash last year.

While the motivations are honorable, the result becomes a monumental waste of taxpayer dollars and resources. Just as more regulations and laws for labeling our food packaging doesn’t save anyone from heart disease, stroke and diabetes attempting to tell bad drivers that they should avoid distractions while on the road is not going to save them from themselves. A bad driver is a bad driver and getting them to change will require more than a piece if paper. It is possible that some will reform their habits if they wreck their car while some will wrap themselves around a tree and still try like mad to put on their mascara in the rear view mirror.

This unnecessary legislation is futile by assuming that monitoring everyone’s behavior and assuming that all can be kept safe if only everyone is being watched. Stop the nanny state ridiculousness and realize that the fool in the car behind you, just as the fool in the grocery store line in front of you are out of your control and the only one that you can do anything about is yourself. Don’t support this Mary Poppins bill and realize that being able to issue more tickets is about “earning” money not societal safety.


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