Playing Democrat Games

Herman Cain

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Herman Cain, potential 2012 repubilcan primary candidate has made a statement that is a little more than mildly disturbing.  He has said, “The liberal mainstream media…are doubly scared that a real black man might run against Barack Obama.”  Although he may be correct that the mainstream media fears a departure of “the female vote” because of a candidate like Bachmann or the departure of “the black vote” because of him, I am very uncomfortable with his statement and he is starting to play democrat games. 

Conservative political candidates, especially those looking for tea party support seem to understand that Americans are over (or we want to be despite Sharpton’s best efforts) making judgement calls and voting for a candidate because of skin color.  Running a presidential candidate based on who is the best brown man or yellow man degrades the process altogether.  It may be a bit naive of me, but I believe that a good campaign will be run with the candidate failing to mention his own “race” or skin color at all.  I’m not ready to get excited about anyone just yet, but especially one who is beginning to play the democrat games to get attention.

Herman, if you believe yourself to be a better man than Obama, fine, that is your opinion…but you need to be a man and allow your accomplishments and speeches to stand on their own merit without feeling to need to qualify yourself as a “real black man”.


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