The New Good Enough

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I remember what it felt like to be on the losing kickball team.  Although I have earned mostly A’s and B’s I remember what it felt like to score less than my best on a test.  I have not always been successful in everything that I have attempted.   I know that whether or not I am successful in this life, no one owes me another chance neither do I deserve to be pushed through because of a supposed disadvantage due to skin color.  Between the Obama administration’s department of justice demanding that the Dayton police force lower the bar and the Houston city council settling this ridiculous lawsuit with firemen who did not score well enough to be promoted, I fear that we have now entered the age of the new good enough.  As long as you have an ethnic organization on your side, like the NAACP, LULAC or GLAAD, you will never have to experience failure; you are a part of the new good enough.

Only with liberals does an argument like this ever make sense.  Rather than enforcing the rule that we want the best to lead us, to teach us and to protect us, they take it upon themselves to pick who should lead based upon how dark or light their skin tone is, based on their last name, or the organization representing them.  We have Ivy League schools, Mensa organizations, and Halls of Fame because we like to recognize the best of the best.  Why should this be any different when it comes to government jobs? 

That’s right, because working for the government means that you actually don’t have to do well, you don’t have to be good enough to succeed, you only have to be able to check the right ethnicity box to add to the diversity quota.  Whether it is teaching, protecting and serving the community, or simply sitting your fat butt in an office processing paperwork, the only requirement is melanin (and plenty of it). 

I’m going to stand up for what is right no matter my profession or skin color.  This “new good enough” is crap and everyone needs to begin shouting at the top of their voices that setting the bar high and expecting the best people to clear it IS NOT racism, it is AMERICAN!


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