I am not your people

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As I listened to my favorite talk show host, Michael Berry, a particular caller made a statement that was so outrageous, I found myself yelling at the radio.  Most of the woman’s call revolved around her feelings of regret for a felony conviction on her record, however a particular statement that she made stuck in my brain like a burr on velcro.

 Her exact words were, “…not all black people feel like, you know, we was just targeted.  Some of us know that what we did was wrong, and we know that we had to pay for what we did…”

Just take a minute and let this statement sink in.  Stop and think about the implications of a statement like this.  Stop and consider that this is the same mentality of people like Jesse Jackson, both father and son, Jeremiah Wright, Louis Farrakhan, and others who automatically link welfare, section 8, free lunch in schools, and government-run pre-k with ALL black people.  These same people would then work themselves up into a tizzy and be “outraged” or find something “deplorable” if a white person implied that all social programs only help black people.   This is the completely dysfunctional mentality of many liberals whose thoughts are so enslaved by the bias seen in the mainstream media that they buy into black people, including themselves, having a singular consciousness.  They hook themselves up to the notion that, “this is how black people do it…” 
 I absolutely refuse to support or buy into this asinine notion that uneducated, poor, and criminal is equal to black.  My mother and father worked hard, including earning a total of seven degrees between the two of them, to make sure we had as many opportunities to succeed as possible.  They sacrificed to put us in the best schools possible and my mother even “deprived” us of television for a couple of years to make sure we focused on our schoolwork.  Not only was I raised to believe that I could do anything that I put my mind to, I was taught to truly think and apply logic to my life’s situations. 

Just a little public service announcement…

We don’t have to speak for each other, or make excuses for each other or continue to feel the need to “rise and fall together”.  Sticking together as an American community is one thing, however owning each other’s issues and problems regardless of the decisions that each person makes solely based on melanin levels is nothing short of ridiculous.

If a black football player murders his wife and her friend and gets away with it, it is not a victory for anyone, it is a sad day in America. If a black man is uber successful at golf and doesn’t want to identify only as black, so what!  If that same man then cheats on his wife and their marriage falls apart, again SO WHAT!  If the first (half) black, “post-racial” president gets voted out of office by the very same people who put him there, it is not an indictment of the state of race in our country, rather it is constituents simply saying that they are sick of his policies. 

I’ve had enough and I’m ready to say, I AM NOT YOUR PEOPLE. 

I am not a part of the singular mindset that seeks to group and label all people according to their skin color.  I am not going to allow myself to be grouped with folks who would just as soon stay home and let the government take care of them as brush their hair.  And most of all, I am not going to allow my children to be labeled according to some outdated method of classification but rather teach them to identify as they choose.

 If I AM to be labeled, I will choose my own.  I choose to be labeled Texan first and American second.  I choose to be a mother first and a teacher second.  I choose to be a free-thinker FIRST and conservative second.


2 thoughts on “I am not your people

  1. I am an ordinary, average, 53 year old white guy and I truly loved your article (or blog or whatever you call them these days). I was especially enamored with the last paragraph, but it paled in comparison to the rest of your words. My hope is that your message will “go viral” and expose the true purveyors of racism for who and what they really are. They’ve made a career out of “stirring the pot” and you’ve called them to task in no uncertain terms. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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