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Everyone would LOVE to think that we are in the day and age of the post-racial presidency, and if we are, aren’t you starting to wonder why the NAACPs, LULACs, race pimps, poverty pastors and stim-ma-lus queens haven’t gone out to get a real job?  

I understand that some in our country feel that racism is still alive and well and even discuss the concept of institutional racism as a “travesty” to overcome.  However, these arguments are nothing more than an attempt to continue demanding entitlements from the government because as “Queen” Sheila Jackson Lee has stated, “the immigrant like her came to this country in chains.”  It’s obvious that a statement like that is beyond ridiculous and if we recognize the lack of common sense in it, then why don’t we recognize the idiocy in our country “needing” race-based organizations.

The first premise that racism is alive and well and that it should be eradicated presupposes that there IS a way to eliminate racism or prejudice from ANY society. Prejudice, discrimination and racism all begin with the thoughts of the individual and there aren’t enough laws in anyone’s country to regulate the thoughts of all who live there and therefore police what people think of each other.
The second premise that institutional racism is responsible for the inequalities in our society has its roots buried so deeply in a controversial race-based organization (Stokely Carmichael of the Black Panther Party) that it may invalidate the concept altogether. No one would say that racism has not existed in this country in the past, however the opportunities for equality in every sector are so vast that I’m not quite sure how it can be claimed. It is true that some demographic sectors tend to contain more of a certain classification of race or ethnicity than others, however we must question who is really responsible for that.

At some point in your adult life you should begin to realize that many of the problems that you face are a direct result of decisions or choices that YOU have made or relationships that YOU chose to involve yourself in despite “knowing better”. The numerous examples of people of all races overcoming adversity in this country only to find themselves among the uber-rich (millionaires and billionaires) is an overwhelming driving force for immigrants as they make their way into our country.

The time has come to be rid of the foolish “leaders” and their organizations  who only continue to perpetuate segregated hyphenated labels because it keeps them well paid.  Let’s stop the madness and put Ben Jealous and Margaret Moran, and any other race based group out of business.


2 thoughts on “Get a job!

  1. Percy, Percy, Percy. Some of what you comment about is correct as far as race based organizations go, but to basically say that institutionalized racism is in the same category as LULAC or the NAACP, is nonsense. America is a racist nation, but so are all the rest of them. People naturally use the most salient features to organize themselves. This occurs everywhere there are heterogeneous groups and unfortunately it does play a role in politics, justice, etc… Now this doesn’t mean that people don’t make bad decisions, how else could you explain the alarming rise in tramp-stamps and 22″ rims on cars. My point is that its not so black and white (no pun intended), as to be able to say it’s one or the other. It’s both racism is alive and well in the greatest country on Earth and people make really bad decisions.

    • My point is that people who make a living off of the notion that racism is alive and well need to get a job. I believe that all people are prejudiced because we make judgements about EVERYONE around us based on their appearance. If I see a man who looks unkempt (visible dirt, unwashed hair, etc.), who also has a bad smell I would not assume that he is a millionaire. I would likely pull my children closer to me and hold my purse a little tighter. I don’t believe that America is a racist nation, I believe that America is a nation where we are all free to speak our minds and live our lives the way that we choose; we are also free to avoid people who we don’t want to be around whether they look like us or not. The people in our nation who profit off of other people who feel victimized have an interest in making sure there are always victims, it is time for those folks to teach people how to NOT be victims and as I said, get a job!

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