Gimme, Gimme, Gimme…

Seal of the Internal Revenue Service

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I am by no means rich, wealthy, heck even all that financially comfortable these days.  I always have more month at the end of my money and my four preschoolers ensure that  childcare is by far my biggest expense.  Even with four jobs and two adults in one household, our ends are simply distant lovers (they don’t meet).  Then why, oh why would I not only care about the IRS attacking the offshore accounts of the wealthy, but be vehemently opposed to it?  Because this particular program has little to do with helping our country and everything to do with punishing those that the Obama administration feels have “too much money”.

I realize that balancing my personal budget and balancing the United States budget are two different beasts, however the concept is the same, and this “offer” which is really nothing more than a money grab in disguise is akin to me going back to any co-worker that asked me to borrow a quarter 15 years ago and demanding fifty dollars for interest and penalties. 

Okay, I’m oversimplifying it.  True, these people earned money on American soil, and because of some savvy accountants and financial advisors figured out how to “hide” their money in foreign accounts.  And of course we all owe our fair share of taxes and should ‘fess up and pay, but rather than sending out the bounty hunters, shouldn’t the government attempt to solve this problem of tax evasion by looking at their role in the situation.  People have been suggesting a “fair tax” or “flat tax” for years and whether or not your understanding of that concept is the same as mine, the point of having a federal tax on all goods purchased to replace the current thousand page tax code seems to make sense to me.  We are consumers, whether we work in manufacturing, government, own our own business, or we’re unemployed.  We purchase or grow our food, we buy or sew our clothes and we spend money on some form of transportation.  Wouldn’t it be simpler to tax everyone on the goods that we purchase?  It would be nice to pretend that the wealthy are the only people committing tax evasion and should therefore be punished, but what about all of the “undocumented workers” who consume our education and healthcare systems without paying, wouldn’t a consumption tax prevent them from violating our tax code as well, or is that not really what this witch hunt is all about?

To read the IRS press release, click here


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