So there she was, faced with an important decision.  Send my children to their zoned school, or send them to a top notch school while using my father’s address to avoid paying the $800 per month out of district fee.  Like all adults, she made the decision that she thought best and here we stand.

Who can blame her?  I certainly can’t!  For the opportunity to send your child to a school were their education is top priority and they don’t have to deal with teachers who have turned into prison wardens just to teach their seventh graders how to divide fractions and children who would just as soon see you dead as speak to you.  There is plenty of outrage and sympathy for Kelly Williams-Bolar and her two daughters, but were prosecutors and law enforcement officials completely wrong, the jury is still out on that one. 

We all know, especially mothers whose world IS their child(ren) that most anything would be done to secure their success in this world.  Many of the women that I know, including myself, are ferociously concerned with the welfare of our children and would do nearly anything for them because we are the adults who care.  And it is to that point that I subscribe, WE are the adults.  As the adults, we make decisions every day, we make decisions to stay within the boundaries, or step outside of them.  While Ms. Williams-Bolar’s situation may not be a fair one, she made the decision to violate a law put in place by her state and although the punishment leans toward the extreme, it is her state’s perogative to exercise it. 

What it boils down to is this, whenever any of us choose to break the law, whether our reasons are righteous or not, if caught, we must face the music and pay the consequences.  This life is not easy for most, and we were never promised that it would be.  Even when the ends can justify the means, you may still just have to pay with your life.

Footnote: For those concerned, Ms. Williams-Bolar may still have the opportunity to earn her teaching degree and license because her felony conviction is non-violent and the state of Ohio is still allowed to issue teaching certificates to non-violent felons.

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