Who exactly are we crying for here?

The only "protective custody" availa...

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This is a local story in the metro Houston area, but I think that it is liberalism run amok and therefore applicable to all areas.  There was a fatal shooting yesterday in a mall parking lot in an area north of downtown.  The “victim” was a 23 year-old man breaking into cars with his 22 year-old brother.  During an interview this evening, his wife cried for the camera right on cue as she said, “he was just doing the only thing he could to get money for us”.  And I suppose we’re apt to begin crying for her as she hugs her 2-year-old child.  Boo-frickin’-hoo!

Are we all really supposed to believe that burglary was the best he could do?  Are we supposed to empathize because they look like “poor minorities” and could only resort to breaking the law to make ends meet?  Last time I checked, there were no excuses for breaking the law, and if you get shot in the process of a police officer stopping you, while it may be excessive, it happened.  Look, if he were in the middle of putting his groceries in the car or shopping at goodwill because his family had no shoes, perhaps we’d feel sorry for him.  Heck, most people can even understand stealing a loaf of bread from the grocery store to feed your family, but burglarizing cars because your kid NEEDS you to…that’s just pathetic. 

Instead of seeing his dad in jail, the child of Esteban Carlon will simply be able to say that his dad died when he was a kid, it’s not like Esteban was working at making sure his kid was on the right track or being raised with good morals and ethics.  If not for this shooting, Carlon’s kid would have been visiting him in jail, he would have had the knowledge that daddy is a bad man, now he can spend his life deifying his father instead. 

Sadly, I’m not sure which is worse…


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