Stay away from the warm chocolate chip cookies!

Missing chocolate chip cookie.

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So, I’ve been on a “diet” for the last week or so.  I put diet in quotes because I clearly recognize that diets don’t work, rather changing one’s lifestyle permanently is effective.  I have gained entirely too much weight since giving birth to my twin girls at home, and despite continuing to nurse them, I had not lost any weight (I bet it was the kit kat bars though).  Any way you slice it, I don’t want to continue to use baby weight as an excuse as observe that my daughters are only 2 months from celebrating their first birthday.  I began eating clean, or using the clean eating diet.  I have used it before and it works phenomenally well, however the central focus of avoiding processed foods, flour, and sugar become significantly more difficult for this particular stress eater by the end of the day. 

Here I am on day 6 at I’m down 5lbs according to the scale in my bathroom.  I suppose celebrating is nice, but because of my 5’9″ frame, it takes at least 15lbs before my clothes notice a difference.  My energy is great, my skin looks great and all that I can think about in too many moments is what kind of dessert I would love to bury my face in.  I begin thinking of….

bananas foster drizzled with warm caramel and blue bell vanilla bean ice cream

cool key lime pie with a graham cracker crust and a nice tart filling

rich strawberry cheesecake with a godiva chocolate drizzle

and most of all, warm chocolate chip cookies with blue bell homemade vanilla topped with pecans and a light caramel and fudge drizzle….

Oh well, if I want the playboy body, back to the spinach and tilapia salad I go.


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