Michael Moore: Hypocrite

Michael Moore cropped 2009

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I believe that he believes, Michael Moore that is, that he is progressive and forward thinking.  I believe that he believes that he is a humanitarian with not a racist bone in his body, however his latest guffaw shows nothing but his thoughts that all criminals are “people of color”. 

On January 18th, he expressed his bewilderment as to why the United States is such a “violent” country and wondered aloud why anyone would want to own a gun.  According to Moore, people only own guns because they’re racist and “afraid” of “people of color.”

This statement necessarily relies on the premise that all criminals are people of color, or more likely people of color are criminals.  Also, his statement necessarily means that if a person of color owns a gun, he or she is afraid of folks who share the same skin tone.  How is it that someone with such a narrow, hateful view of Americans has profited so much trying to “enlighten” the very people that he seeks to degrade? 

It’s time to realize that altogether too many who are claiming to be looking out for “the little guy” are actually spending their day insulting you and feeling sorry for you because they believe that you are not able to have any other job but lawbreaker, or welfare mother.  If someone continues to tell you that you don’t have to do anything, but rather sit and let them take care of you, shouldn’t you begin to question if they trust you at all?  Shouldn’t you, as an adult, consider that if they actually trusted you, they would allow you to grow up and take care of yourself?


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