Here, pat this!

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Okay, so we’re supposed to reach the conclusion that all the TSA and the Obama administration is interested in is keep us safe.  The full body scanners which essentially show every naked fat roll that you’ve ever tried to hide along with the date rape style pat down mean that terrorists will be caught if they try to carry a bomb in their BVDs.  Wrong! The terrorists that have been caught to date, including the times square bomber (and there’s no body cavity search to get there…) have been caught because of one thing…observant onlookers.  Let’s start with Richard Reid.  He was caught and stopped when people on the plane noticed he was trying to light his shoe of course since then all of our shoes are dangerous, including beach style flip flops.  Then there were the terrorists in England who were planning to blow up the plane by carrying combustible liquids, to which our TSA responds by banning liquids measuring more than 3 oz.  Finally this underwear bomber has made it such that we may just end up traveling in the nude if we want to get to our destination in the same day.  And let’s not get started on the fact that the people who we depend upon to keep us protected in the sky (our pilots and flight attendants) have to go through this ridiculously invasive process.  I know al-Qaeda is laughing somewhere as we authorize our government to molest us for our own convenience.


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