Taking Your Big Girl Medicine

So, I think I’ve decided that libs can be broken down into one of about 3 categories (or types) of people.   Not all of them are bad, but to quote el-Rushbo, they all involve a world view dominated by feelings.  The first type of liberal is the nicest kind, they genuinely believe that the world can be saved by just giving people enough of what they need.  These people usually give to charity of some kind and are known to be good and loyal to family and friends.  The second type of liberal is the kind that feels as if the world owes them something because of some particular stressor in their lives.  Choose from skin color, religion, gender or gender identity, sexual orientation, economic status, etc.  Their problems are someone else’s fault (which may or may not be genuinely true) but they spend their lives blaming someone else for all of their woes and waiting on someone else, namely the government, to fix it.  The third type of liberal is the type who truly understands that liberalism in its extreme form leads to control of the people by the government all the while convincing them that “big brother” is just looking out for them and taking care of them.  These people are usually very smart and well educated.  They understand human behavior and know how to manipulate people without putting forth much effort.  They are perhaps the most dangerous kind, but this post is focused on type 2.

I have had the privilege of dealing with type 2 at many times in my life and the sad part is that I am too frequently shocked when they pull back the veil and reveal themselves to me.  I guess at some point we all realize that being an adult is much harder than we expected, but I’m starting to realize how few people make the decision to move past childhood and into adulthood by making big boy/big girl decisions. 

If you’re asking what this has to do with being a liberal, I guess my response would be that people who seem to believe that this life owes them something specific or that because of past wrongs someone should spend time “making it up to them” are in fact babies.  These people feel entitled to more than someone else because in their view other people didn’t have it as hard as they did.  Life is difficult in its own way for everyone and at the end of the day, God allows each of us to have the challenges that we can handle in order to call on him to carry us in our moments of weakness. 

I suppose it could be summed up with, I need to take my big girl medicine by believing people when they show me who they are!


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